In October of 2011 Tadee Le Schmaltz came down with flu like symptoms and continued to get worse through the end of November. She was fatigued, in pain and loosing weight. She underwent many tests but they were inconclusive. She was prescribed prednisone for a swollen lymph node, swollen spleen and pain....and then she got even worse and began a new phase with new symptoms and intense depilating pain.

The numerous doctors, blood tests, MRIs, and other lab work have came up with no answers. In the meantime, Tadee’s condition worsened and the pain continued. She was having neurological symptoms along with intense pain, headaches, rashes and nausea causing her to loose 15 lbs. She couldn’t walk unassisted and was having paralyzing symptoms and twitches. She was hospitalized twice but released each time when doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She was told she had ‘post viral syndrome’ and ‘perceived pain’. When her parents asked about Lyme Disease they were told that there was “NO LYME’ in California and ‘NO Ticks’ either. Her parents persisted and the doctors ran a basic Lyme test which came back negative. The doctors left her to get better on her own...believing her to be faking.

Her parents were watching her slip away and continued to research and fight for her life... they found a Lyme literate doctor who ran many tests and in January of 2012… she tested positive for a co-infection of mycoplasma...then

in March 2012 Tadee tested positive for Bartonella and Ehrilichosis which are common co-infections to Lyme transmitted by a tick.

In May 2012 Tadee FINALLY tested positive for Lyme disease…what we had been suspecting since November of 2011.

In July 2012 she had surgery to put a port-a-cath in her chest…and in October 2012 started IV antibiotics along with her many supplements to build up her immune system and fight this dreadful disease.

She has greatly improved on the iv meds…but it continues to be a huge battle! We will keep fighting until she is healthy and enjoying her childhood. (she was 8 when she got sick…she is 10 now!!!)

Insurance doesn’t cover any of her medicine, doctors visits or supplements...which have cost thousands so far.

She is currently being treated by an LLMD in Orange County.

Tadee has emerged with a message of HOPE and has designed shirts to spread HOPE along with Lyme Disease Awareness.

Thank you for your purchase... we appreciate your love and support!
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